Tech and Gaming News: ViVAX?


Recently we came across some interesting news regarding

“ViVAX: The best portable laptop protection system available”

Now while this case has yet to be put into actual production, the kickstarter by Mattia Ventura for the product seems very promising. So while we cannot yet review an actual case, we can place a personal opinion on the ViVAX case itself for you, our readers.

The case is quoted as being:

The severely tested: CRUSH-PROOF, WATERPROOF, SHOCKPROOF, DIRT-PROOF and 100% Made in Italy.

Now this at first may seem too good to be true, it actually seems quite promising once you watch the Mashable video & read the specs for the case. Before we get too much into our own opinion, watch the video.

While we won’t list the full specs here, simply for the reason that it would take years to read the full article, we will say that we’re impressed with the intended results. And as you can see in the above video, there is a LOT of planning & careful thought going into the ViVAX case. We look forward with great anticipation to see the final results, and hopefully, it’s release to the world!

You can follow the progress & donate to this Kickstarter project here: ViVAX: The best portable Laptop Protection System Available.