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In October of 2012 Super Storm Sandy left an unforgettable mark along the east coast and destroyed a lot of the New Jersey shore. We were blessed to take very little damage and our O2 Hurricane can less air system survived as well and we were able to write the awesome review of the product.



The O2 Hurricane is a can less air system designed to replace the harsh chemicals found in your everyday canned air systems, it is inexpensive and more sustainable; plus you only need to buy it once since it is fully rechargeable and easy to use.

canless-airI love this product! I had a family member get into a car crash because the driver was using a canned air product other than its intended purpose everyone survived but it has left its mark. So once I found out about this I had to jump on the chance to test it out and it preformed extremely well.

The O2 Hurricane can be used by everyone from the IT professional to the everyday mom trying to clean the crumbs left by her children and everyone in between. The air pressure pushed out is less than that of a canned air product but its well worth the extra second to prevent any and all issues a canned air product can produce. With the Hurricane you never have to worry about the chance of it exploding from being to hot or to cold and if it dies just plug it in, it’s that simple.

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The O2 Hurricane is a simple, innovative idea that has become an affordable revolution against traditional canned air. This product is an inexpensive, permanent and environmentally friendly alternative to canned air and boasts more sustainable power than its canned competitors. Purchase one nontoxic O2 Hurricane and you will never need to buy another can of air again.

O2 Hurricane is completely rechargeable, simply plug it in to charge and in a short period of time you have a brand new charge of air. Join the revolution today, see for yourself what a fantastic answer our reusable canned air alternative system is and you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

The Best Blast For:

• Offices
• Workshops
• Electronics
• Photo & Video
• Automobiles
• Sensitive Electronics
• Delicate Antiques
• Silk Plants
• Shelves
• Hobbies and Models
• Computers
• Fax Machines
• Blinds
• Lampshades
• Sensitive Equipment
• Cell Phones
• IT Needs
• And Much, Much More

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Why Canless Air System®?

Dangers of standard canned air.

Standard canned air poses many dangers, not the least of which is to children. Most people are surprised to learn that children as young as 8 have used canned air to give them a quick, and often deadly, high. The inhalation of canned air can cause many negative health effects such as brain damage, seizures, permanent impairment of vital organs, hearing loss and even death. Why keep such a dangerous product in the home as a temptation to curious children and teenagers when there is an inexpensive and even more effective solution?

Learn more about our safe reusable Canless Air System®!

Not only are there dangers for people who intentionally abuse it, but there are also hidden dangers for people using canned air in regular situations.

Canned air is not really air, it’s a mix of various gases. If canned air is used in a poorly ventilated area there is a possible danger of oxygen deficiency and even asphyxiation for anyone in the room. When canned air is held at an angle the liquefied gas can be released onto surfaces or into the air, creating a highly flammable environment in which open flames, and any kind of spark and even electrical switches can cause a flash fire. The liquid propellant in canned air is known to cause frostbite when skin is exposed for a long period of time, causing serious physical injuries. By contrast, the Canless Air System® O2 is simply air, toxin free, safe and a fraction of the price.

Have questions on this revolutionary Cordless duster?

In the United States, most canned air uses chemicals known as hydroflourocarbons which are known to be GHGs (greenhouse gases).

Apart from injury by intentional misuse or accidental exposure, these chemicals pose a large threat to the environment. GHG chemicals emit harmful gases into the atmosphere, while the one-time-use containers end up in landfills. In an age of increased environmental awareness with a focus on reducing carbon footprints and improving recycling, why is using a destructive product considered acceptable? There is a true and viable alternative available today. Canless Air is the superior choice over canned air, free from environmentally damaging chemicals.

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Frequently asked questions

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What can I use O2 Hurricane on?

The O2 Hurricane cleans all sensitive electronic equipment including Computers, Printers, Shelves, Mini-blinds, Fax Machines, Silk Plants, AV equipment, Cameras and Lots More.

Is the Canless Air System® safer than Canned Air?

Yes, the O2 Hurricane has no inhalation or frostbite health hazards, danger of explosion, flash fires, running out of air, storage problems, etc. It is also Non-Ozone Depleting. One can of canned air has 3,000 times the effect on the atmosphere than Carbon Dioxide and the equivalent of driving a vehicle 100 miles. The O2 Hurricane is a safe and environmentally friendly canned air alternative to cleaning your electronics.

Learn more about the hazards of canned air and why O2 Hurricane is a safe canned air alternative.

Is there any warranty or guarantee on Canless Air System® O2?

Yes, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year limited warranty.

Is this product as effective as traditional canned air?

It is more sustainable power than canned air – Lasting over 18 minutes of continuous use. Canned air lasts for only 6-8 seconds before slowing down or freezing.

Is this product Energy Efficient?

The O2 Hurricane utilizes power saving technology (Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries), eliminating wasteful electricity drain.

Is this a good value?

The O2 Hurricane saves you money each time you would have used a disposable can of air.
One full charge of the O2 Hurricane is equal to over 4 cans of canned air.
The O2 Hurricane will replace well over 1,000 cans of air in its lifetime, saving you thousands of dollars.

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Is this environmentally friendly?

The O2 Hurricane provides the only and best solution on the market to replace canned air and reducing landfills waste. Estimated cans of canned air disposed of in landfills annually is the equivalent of tens of thousands of vehicles.

Which Canless Air System® is right for me?

The Original O2 Hurricane is great for people who only use canned air occasionally.
It is ideal for computers, keyboards, car dashboards, plants, vents, Venetian blinds, blowing off small patio areas, starting wood fires, cleaning furnace filters, dusting off knickknacks, blowing off book shelves, cleaning workshops tools and so much more!

The Industrial O2 Hurricane is designed for corporate and IT department use. It is ideal for light to extremely heavy cleaning applications. It is also great for cleaning large computers, server rooms, camera lenses and mirrors, high-end medical equipment, displays in retail stores, IT departments, complex circuit boards and so much more!