Spellweaver the Trading Card Game for PC review


Dream Reactor LLC, the Bulgarian based Developer brings us a welcome competitor to the Trading Card Game genre, the fantasy and Magic inspired Spellweaver plays fantastically.

BattleMain1Borrowing from popular TCG’s Spellweaver presents you with a multitude of options for your first deck familiar color based decks are there as well as a couple of Variations, for example the Traditional Black deck is Divided into two separate colors, Black and Purple, Purple being a Vampire based Deck and Black a Zombie based Deck. White, Green, Red, and Blue also make an appearance in their typical rolls with some new twists.

Game play comes in two forms, Player vs AI and Player vs Player. And While the learning curve is a bit steep for new players Magic and other similar players will feel right at home learning the new rules of this particular Game, XP gains and levels are used to unlock new decks while the shop offers for gold buys from in game earned currency, and Crystal purchases, the “freemium” staple for real life cash currency.

While typical rules apply, creatures with flying can’t be attacked or blocked except by creatures with flying or special modifiers that allow it to do so. This game changes it up with card speed. Quicker cards always attack first, slower cards last.

Another unusual but welcome additiom is Dominion. Rather than simply tapping the right color manna cards, Land is turned into one of two power types. Manna which automatically becomes colorless, or Dominion rank. Each Card as its Dominion and Mana cost directly on it, letting you know how many Dominion points you need in that color (two on average with bigger and better cards requiring more)BattleScreen5

Over all this above average indie game ranks up there with the Magic Duels and similar “best sellers” in the TCG genre. Solid 7/10