Sony’s New Patent Could Put An End To Used Games

Used games have been a sore spot with game companies for a long time now. For most gamers used games are a great way to save money or play a game that they may have missed. However If Sony has anything to say about it this trend may be coming to an end soon. Sony has filed a patent for a new technology that will block used games from being played on Sony’s consoles. The new system works by reading a tag embedded on the game disk and then linking to the player ID and the user’s console. After the tag has been linked to the first console that the game was played on any future attempt to play the game on another user’s console will not work. The whole process also does not require a network connection.
Sony has not confirmed if they plan on implementing this technology on the PS4, anything at this point is speculation. However the existence of this patent is still a cause for concern. This issue goes beyond just spending extra money to purchase a game new. The new technology will prevent any game sharing whatsoever. This will end the days of borrowing games from friends or sharing with family members. Not only that but what happens when a game goes out of print? Just think of how many great quality games can be picked up at your local used game store that cannot be bought new anymore. If this technology is indeed implemented in