Harleen Frances Quinzel The unpopular opinion!


Well first of all I would like to thank my Guest Harley’s Virginia Burton and Harley Kjøl for their wonderful and very opposing takes on this beloved character. I also want to point out that I planned on using more of your photos ladies and still just might for a different article but we shall see what happens.

Virgina 2Harley 1


And secondly and as always I would like to thank anyone that makes it to the end of this article without dying.


So with these lovely ladies in mind lets take a look at the parts of the woman no one likes to look at. You may have seen some tumblr posts or other “information” circulating the internet lately in anticipation for the big screen debut of quite possibly the worst and simultaneously best role model for young women in comics to date.


These posts have talked about things from canon and non canon sources and overall skirted many of the canon facts about the character. The first and foremost being that Harleen is the image of white trash class turned into Ivy League Success. Her father was a con-artist that loved separating women from their money, her mother a stern woman but in a relationship with the wrong kind of man. Her brother a deadbeat dad with children from multiple women who has squandered every dime his sister has given him to attempt to get his life together.


She hopped the train to Gotham City University on a Gymnastics scholarship and dove into Psychology where she quickly became infatuated with a particular case study of a villain we all know and love. Recently it’s be discovered she used less than savory means to ensure she got the grades to guarantee placement in Arkham.


And that’s where our story really begins. This is where all the garbage posts from the internet fail, Harley Quinn is a SHOOTING SEX TOY!

For anyone who has forgotten this is one of the earliest indications of Harley’s sexual nature. Hopping on Mistah’ J’s work station and asking if he wanted to “rev up his Harley”


No one wanted to bring this up, when they were complaining about this Costume.


Or ones that looked like this

Harley 2


They certainly don’t like pre-canon images like this



and they really like to ignore this



Meanwhile, out here in the real world where folks like myself and my Lovely guest Harley’s love this character and understand the comics, comics where the writers have confirmed that Harley/Ivy is a canon ship, we’ve all learned one thing over the years. Harley Quinn is a shooting sex toy. BUT! That has never ever meant that Harleen Quinzel was a shooting sex toy. One thing Harley, Ivy and Catwoman have in common in Gotham City is they use their femininity as a weapon. They have the underbelly of Gotham wrapped around their little fingers. While these women are functionally the “bad guys” they’ve been continuously repainted over the years as not being quite as bad. They have also all three Harley especially have been at the forefront of strong woman.

Harley is in the process of ending a 20+ year relationship, one that everyone loves to point out the abuse in. (which also mirrors many of the relationships I see the same people complaining about said tendencies in)  No one likes to admit that if we removed all of the abuse we would have a healthier and more stable relationship than even Clark Kent has managed.


And Don’t even get me on all the “it’s just an excuse to dress like a slut” posts I see on a daily basis. Look I don’t care what you think it’s an excuse for but to people like me you come across as ignorant and lazy. Just because you can’t find time to put together a cosplay, doesn’t mean you get to talk trash.


Another thing I see is people talking about the over sexualization of female character….from the same people who preach “Body positive”. Look as a man yeah I like this sort of thing, however so do lesbians, it’s kind of like using the school dresscode thing being sexist. You can’t be Pro LGBT and still make these arguments. Why Not? Because women like that sort of thing to. Women also like the Fact that Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are built like brick shit houses and regularly parade around with no shirt. Homosexual males also like this. SO WHAT? Seriously though so what? Characters like Harley and Bruce Wayne can do whatever they want and it has yet to devalue the characters.


Stop Making this argument, it makes you look like a fool. I look at Harley Quinn the way I look at mid-career Christina Aguilera, who played the same card as say Brittany Spears but with actual talent to back it up. Harley does it because she can, or rather the artists have her do it. But she is still a strong character that makes most of the people making these arguments look bad.

There are very few ways to make a skin title spandex suit look un-sexy. They don’t exactly leave anything to the imagination. But I never cared about this. I saw a really bad ass chick that was supposed to die as soon as she walked off the screen that first time explode into a international image.

weather she looks like this

emily 1

or this,

Harley 4

or this,


Virgina 4


Or even this!


(Official image by the way)

She is still a character. She is still a strong woman, she will still feed you your entrails if she wants. (assuming she was real)


And she is still a fictional character, so let people enjoy that. I don’t care for superman but I don’t waste time dumping millions of images on the internet slamming Kal-EL. I don’t complain that I don’t have the body type to play the Joker, I just do it. I also accept that the characters I love have very sorted backstories and aren’t very nice.


So don’t find yourself surprised when you go to view Harley in Suicide Squad (In Theaters today) and she’s a bit of a shooting sex toy. But also don’t be surprised when you find out that Harley Quinn is an intelligent woman playing the part of a shooting sex toy while really just thinking out the next step of the plan. And never be afraid to pick up a comic book and learn something new.


also don’t be surprised when you find out a lot of people writing articles do barely any research into the characters they are complaining about.