Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle review

Probably the only US mobile game officially licensed for the Dragon Ball Series, Dokkan Battle gives us a quick time killer in a freemium set up that requires no money to enjoy.


Featuring a standalone story mode that feels true to the series but you don’t really pay attention to. This card based game focuses on five archtypes and spreads those across the entire franchise with favorite and not so favorite characters.


Gameplay is addictive yet simple, select a team of six characters, and then enter the game, you’ll be presented linear progression map and three move choices of spaces to move, numbered 1-6 for each one, after using a move it’s replaced with another move of 1-6 until you land on a battle or are stopped by one you can’t avoid. The battle takes place, one a board of colored “Ki orbs” of the six base colors, objectively selecting those that match one of your three attackers, with multiple orbs of a matching color raising your attack as well as potentially unleashing a ultimate attack and filling your Dokkan meter. Landing an ultimate on a full Dokkan meter starts a push the buttons in sequence and land your ultimate attack that damages all enemies for maximum damage.


As with many freemium incentive games, you’ll receive daily log in bonuses as well as the opportunity to earn paid content for a time, weekly updates and events keep the game fresh while characters that can only be obtained or powered up from event drops keep players in the game.

The paid items also don’t guarantee any advantage either as the summon page is a completely random chance. And simply playing the game offers plenty of opportunity to earn the “Dragon Stones” enough for multiple top tier summons.


Being a few updates behind the Japanese version is also not a bad thing as it gives US players time to prepare for these items as well as stack summon stones for the special events.


Not as action oriented or in-depth as its console counterparts but definitely a great addition to your mobile library especially for fans of the Dragon Ball universe.