Big Surprise… Lex Luthor In Injustice: Gods Among Us

As it should come as no surprise, Lex Luthor has joined the roster for NetherRealm’s upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us. Why would he not have been in the game with his Superman/Meta-human hate speech? It makes sense. But either way, with the below trailer he has been officially added to the “Gods Among Us.” Like the pun?
Outside of that, there doesn’t seem to be much more for the title here at all. There is a bit more of the game play mixed into the trailer, but nothing substantial. In fact, the only thing I was able to glean from this trailer is that outside of Batman, I am going to despise all the voice acting. I wish I could say I was joking, but all of the voices don’t do any of the character’s justice at all. Especially the Joker.
Since Mark Hamill called it quits on do the iconic voice any more, Warner and NetherRealm must have known that they were in for a rough time to fill the role. Yes they got someone who has voiced the Joker before, MK vs. DC, but it really sounds horrid this time around. Then again, maybe I am just spoiled by all the other versions that I love and suit the character. Most likely.
All in all, the V/O is just kind of an icing on top of the cake if the game play and controls are solid. It just doesn’t feel right as of now all based on the few clips we